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by Cynthia Amin last updated on 10/05/2010
If you opt to fly over "the pond," London is the traditional starting-off point, so do make the most of it! We recommend Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the Tate Museum or Westminster Abbey, followed by a hearty pub lunch in the Theatre District...
The Eiffel Tower Kiss
by Dana Thompsen last updated on 04/22/2010
If you have ever considered what might be one of the most romantic moments, chances are you've thought about sharing a kiss atop the Eiffel Tower. I know I have! That special moment happened for me about 5 years ago, and it's one that I will...
Paris, The City of Lights
by Joanne Gardner last updated on 10/21/2008
Think romance, think Paris. If you are considering a European honeymoon, Paris usually hits the top of the list. Paris has it all - food, the Eiffel Tower, boat rides on the Seine, food, the Mona Lisa and the rest of the Louvre, Champs Elysees, food...