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St. Thomas
by Cynthia Amin last updated on 10/05/2010
The U.S. Virgin Islands offer an opportunity to experience the Caribbean in a comfortably familiar island paradise. USVI vacation packages appeal to anyone looking for that special mix of island adventure, idyllic scenery and sun-drenched white-sand beaches...
With 28 Caribbean cruises under my belt, I can certainly say "I Love the Caribbean!" Each island is unique, and has wonderful sights to see. One of my favorite islands is St. Thomas. It is a wonderful island to sail to, because there are so...
No Passport? How about St. Thomas?
by Sandi Moore last updated on 11/05/2008
St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, is a beautiful Caribbean Island that requires no passport to visit! That in itself is enough to draw tourists who have not yet obtained their passports. However, St. Thomas is much more! St. Thomas, a US Territory...