Aerial view of the Maldives


The Maldives is a completely five-star destination with a one-resort-per-island policy. These high-class development policies are reflected in the level of service, beauty and accommodation visitors experience. Stars who could go anywhere, like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, have spent their honeymoon here. Here you can spend your honeymoon in exquisite resort spas, deep-sea fishing, sailing or scuba diving over some of the most revered coral reefs in the world. Here you’ll feel the drive to strive for the best of the best with amenities such as the world’s only all-glass restaurant.

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Climate and Weather

Other Important Information

UPDATE 2/28/2013: Maldives Teen Faces 100 Lashes For Fornication: Maldives is an Islamic country under Sharia Law - Visit at your own risk -- See article here