Middle East

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem

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Middle East

The Middle East is a spicy blend of ancient history, a variety of religious and cultural legacies and stunning sights. Not to mention friendly people, excellent cuisine and lively bazaars where you will be able to purchase souvenirs of your Middle Eastern honeymoon. The Middle East is the region of the world which links Europe to Asia and Africa. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Egyptian city of Cairo, where ultramodern office buildings and chic restaurants stand side by side with mosques, citadels and churches many centuries old. Watching the sun setting over the Nile is an unforgettable experience, as is gazing at the great Pyramids, floating in the Dead Sea or exploring Jerusalem's holy sites. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Biblical towns such as Bethlehem and Galilee, or simply spend your honeymoon relaxing on a white sand beach. Middle Eastern music, painting, dance and literature can all be discovered through museums, festivals and live performances. Extensive archaeological excavations have been made in parts of Israel and Egypt, revealing relics from the Roman age such as magnificent amphitheaters in Beit She'an and Alexandria. Israel and Egypt are both filled with history and tradition, and a Middle Eastern honeymoon will offer you the possibility to uncover part of their intriguing cultural mosaic.

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Cultured travelers and dreamers marvel at Istanbul’s palaces and mosques. Architects awe at the structures of Dubai, the Middle East’s pleasure palace in the desert. Believers say their prayers at the Western Wall at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Wellness enthusiasts buoyantly float in the Dead Sea. Scuba divers find their paradise in the depths of the Red Sea. There are so many amazing experiences to be had in the Middle East!
Climate and Weather
Check local weather conditions for your honeymoon destination with your travel professional. It is important to be knowledgeable of the wet and dry seasons for a trip to the Middle East.