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Poland offers and amazing array of honeymoon experiences, from the cultural and historic to the beach and the Baltic Sea. For starters, Krakow is the ancient city of kings and Poland's cultural capital. It is a World Heritage Site and attracts a youthful, Bohemian crowd. During the day, its cobblestoned streets are closed to cars adding to its old world charm.

The Baltic Riviera is a section of the Baltic Sea coast is also known as the Amber Coast, named after the high quality amber — the "jewels of the Polish nobility" — found in abundance here. The Amber Coast features golden-white sands, calm seas, and the recently restored resort town of Sopot. The 1920s - 1930s were the heyday for this Baltic Sea resort town known as the "Pearl of the Baltic" and the "Monte Carlo of the North." Sopot boasts long sandy beaches and Europe's longest wooden pier, adding to the ambience of romance it provides naturally.

Lakes, forests, and history abound here in the western and central Polish region known as Greater Poland. This traditionally prosperous region contains Poland's oldest province and is the historical center of origin of the Polish Nation dating from the 10th century.


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