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anywhere . . . but here!
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Have you lost your "Happy Place?" Call me, I'll help you find it.

anywhere . . . but here!

My name is Terrie Mead and I am a commercial pilot, a travel consultant and CEO and Founder of AnyWhere But Here!  I have dedicated half of the previous 10 years to the aviation industry assisting corporate pilots with their complicated domestic and international itineraries and the remainder designing custom holidays for the adventitious and also the quiet traveler.


My interest became experience through brief respites for my own personal journeys all over the world, Australia, Canada, Greece, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Haiti, Turkey, France, Great Britain.


It is my pleasure to listen to your unique view of the ideal and translate your dream into a tangible plan.


Sustainable Tourism. Responsible Travel. EcoTourism.

Traveling Green is essential to protect the places you love to visit, not just for yourself, but for the travelers who come after you and for the indigenous population who will be there long after you’ve flown home.

AnyWhere But Here! offers expertise and support while planning your Honeymoon. Our guarantee is to uncomplicate the planning process and create an itinerary that pursues solely Green initiatives in each segment, air and land.

I am a Destination Specialist to Australia, London/Paris, Dubai, Brazil, Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Belize, Haiti, Virgin Gorda), Greece, Italy, Turkey.

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