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We look forward to your presence on our special day. Of course, all we ask is your presence. If you cannot attend, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. We do realize that many of you may wish to give us a wedding gift to commemorate our union together. Since we already have most of the traditional wedding gift items, we have decided to offer our guests a popular new wedding gift alternative - our honeymoon registry. This will allow you to help us create the honeymoon memories that will last us a lifetime.
Belize has protected 40% of the country as parks and natural reserves making it an adventurer's paradise...
Central America
This intersection of North and South America has everything from pristine beaches, Mayan landmarks and...
Registry Gifts
Photo Gift Item Value
(US $)
Beachside Resort Cottage $150.00 10
Mountain Resort Cottage $165.00 5
Travel and Transportation
Leavin' on a jet plane - airfare to Belize $65.00 10
I want my bed - airfare home $65.00 10
Private car to and from the airport $75.00 2
Wining and Dining
A bottle of Blanc de Blanc for each night of our stay $90.00 2
A private picnic luncheon, set in a secluded cove up the shore $65.00 2
Beachside luncheon featuring local fare, cooked before our eyes over a fire pit in the sand $75.00 2
Breakfast in bed for two, served on trays of glistening bamboo and teak $50.00 2
Dinner while gazing out to sea with world-class cuisine $100.00 4
Dinner served on our private balcony as we gaze out over the rushing Privassion River $75.00 2
Drinks and appetizers served up at a private locale along the pristine banks of the Privassion River $75.00 1
Drinks at a cozy little spot in the corner by candlelight $50.00 1
Luncheon in the back country, a jungle paradise for two $80.00 2
Romance! A private dinner service in our mountain cottage on the first night $150.00 1
Wine and Cheese upon arrival in our suite $65.00 1
Drinks at the Purple Parrot jungle bar where we'll try to avoid becoming jaguar kibbles $25.00 4
Drinks at a eighty foot lagoon style pool surrounded by gorgeous flora and fauna $15.00 5
Adventure and Exploration
A full-day trek beneath the rain forest canopy, complete with massive caves and majestic waterfalls $90.00 2
A spectacular safari cruise up the Monkey River, so named for its vast population of feral hamsters $100.00 2
An odyssey through time as we embark on a full-day excursion to the ancient Mayan ruins $85.00 2
Scuba lessons $120.00 4
Sea Kayaks, which we'll use to explore the coastal caves and inland lagoons $80.00 4
Wetsuit and snorkel gear - to see exotic fish, corals, and sea horses $75.00 4
Zip line tour through the rain forest canopy, 80 feet above the ground $85.00 4
Helicopter tour of the Belize coastline $100.00 5
A day of sailing through shark infested reefs $120.00 2
Day excursion to the Mayan Ruins to view the largest man made pyramid in all of Belize $75.00 2
Tubing in the underground caverns of Jaguar Paw Cave $50.00 4
Private tour to an island caye $45.00 4
Late night trip to the local nightclub for a rowdy good time $20.00 8
Coffees and web time at the Internet cafe so we can email friends and family $15.00 8
Spa Services
Ancient medicinal mud baths, believed by the locals to cure everything from gout to tax audits $55.00 2
Exotic skin treatments designed to make us glow in the Caribbean sun $75.00 2
His and hers manicure/pedicure $70.00 2
Relaxing deep tissue massage for two $100.00 2

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