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Ireland and Scotland

We look forward to your presence on our special day. Of course, all we ask is your presence. If you cannot attend, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. We do realize that many of you may wish to give us a wedding gift to commemorate our union together. Since we already have most of the traditional wedding gift items, we have decided to offer our guests a popular new wedding gift alternative - our honeymoon registry. This will allow you to help us create the honeymoon memories that will last us a lifetime.

Scotland has a unique blend of history, folklore and legend, set within some of Europe's most unspoiled...
Ireland, once visited, is never forgotten, and for once the blarney rings true. The Irish landscape has...
Eastern Europe is very different from its western counterpart, and the region is a fascinating and very...
Registry Gifts
Photo Gift Item Value
(US $)
A nights stay in a romantic Bed and Breakfast in Limerick $50.00 2
2 night stay at luxurious Abby Glen castle in Galway $100.00 2
A stay at the Killarney Towers Hotel $100.00 2
A night at a rustic Bed and Breakfast in Cork $90.00 1
A night at a swanky hotel in Dublin $50.00 4
A couple of nights in a quaint Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh $100.00 2
2 nights at a Bed and Breakfast in Inverness $100.00 2
Our last night in Glasgow $100.00 1
Travel and Transportation
500 miles to make the journey $95.00 15
Car rental for a day in Ireland - let's see how driving on the wrong side works! $65.00 7
Jumping the pond to Edinburgh $50.00 4
Car rental for a day in Scotland $65.00 3
Scenic boat tour of Loch Sheiel in the footsteps of Bonnie Prince Charlie $75.00 1
A mystical train journey through the Scottish Highlands $85.00 2
Wining and Dining
An evening stroll out to dinner in Limerick $25.00 4
Local dining adventures in Dublin for lunch $50.00 2
Local dining adventures in Dublin for dinner $75.00 2
Round of drinks at the pub $30.00 5
Bangers and Mash $10.00 2
Fish and Chips $10.00 2
Scottish Egg, Haggis and Tatties $15.00 2
Local dining adventures in Edinburgh for lunch $25.00 2
Local dining adventures in Edinburgh for dinner $50.00 2
Day Trips
Day excursion to the Cliffs of Moher $50.00 1
Visit the local Galway art gallery $60.00 1
Trip to Blarney Castle to see the Blarney stone and possibly kiss it! $80.00 1
Sightseeing to the ruins in "The Ring of Kerry" $60.00 2
A scenic drive to the Wicklow Mountains - scenes from "Braveheart" were filmed here! $60.00 1
A visit to Guinness Brewery $50.00 1
A visit to Jameson Distillery $50.00 1
Shopping in Temple Bar - in the heart of Dublin $60.00 2
A visit to see Nessy - at Loch Ness $65.00 1
Visit a local Glasgow museum $50.00 1
Other fun activities
Tour of Oscar Wilde House $10.00 2
Christ Church Cathedral and St. Patrick's Cathedral Tours $15.00 2
Murder and mystery night tour in Edinburgh $30.00 2
Ghost and gore tour in Edinburgh $30.00 2

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