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Australia- Sydney, Tasmania and Melbourne
We look forward to your presence on our special day. Of course, all we ask is your presence. If you cannot attend, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. We do realize that many of you may wish to give us a wedding gift to commemorate our union together. Since we already have most of the traditional wedding gift items, we have decided to offer our guests a popular new wedding gift alternative - our honeymoon registry. This will allow you to help us create the honeymoon memories that will last us a lifetime.
Australia surrounds honeymooners with natural beauty and excitement. Australia is vast, almost double...
Registry Gifts
Photo Gift Item Value
(US $)
Our first night in Sydney in a cozy little suite $150.00 1
A place to lay our weary heads and rest our feet in Sydney $75.00 3
A place to lay our weary heads in Tasmania $85.00 4
Four romantic nights in Melbourne $100.00 4
Travel and Transportation
A quick plane hop to Hobart, Tasmania $100.00 2
Another hop to Melbourne $100.00 2
Doing Mad Max impersonations on the roads in Tasmania (car rental) $40.00 4
Up, up and way far away! Heading down under $50.00 20
Wining and Dining
Our first dinner by the famous Sydney Harbor $60.00 2
Finally eating "Shrimp on the barbie!" $40.00 2
Breakfast in bed $20.00 2
A snazzy dinner at Red Orange Bistro and Bar in Melbourne $40.00 2
5 course meal aboard Colonial Tramcar $100.00 2
Dinner at "T 42 Degrees South" in Tasmania $50.00 2
Indulgence - dessert after every meal $7.00 24
Dinner in Sydney at Altitude - it's on the 36th floor of the Shangri-La Building $75.00 2
A dinner at a restaurant recommended by the hotel in Sydney $65.00 2
A fine bottle of wine $35.00 4
Picnic lunch along the Venus Baths Walk on the outskirts of Melbourne $20.00 2
Enjoy a picnic lunch along side the MacKenzie Falls $20.00 2
Australia's version of the continental breakfast $25.00 5
Day trip through the Blue Mountains $100.00 2
Hiking over the bay bridge $10.00 2
Exploring Tasmania's natural wonders - caves, hot springs and lakes $20.00 6
3 day smart-visit pass to parks, museums and attractions in Tasmania $150.00 2
On the search for the Tasmanian Devil $50.00 2
Band aids, salve, and bactine for our injuries incurred while interacting with said devil $20.00 1
A lesson in how to throw a boomerang $10.00 2
Ice packs, gauze and slings for said lesson $15.00 1
All day hike through the Outback searching for Kanga and Roo $35.00 2
Shearing the sheep - it looks easy! $30.00 2
Bottles of water, band-aids, tetanus shots and stitches for after the sheep shearing debacle $10.00 2
Exploring Aboriginal culture, history, search for cave drawings $50.00 2
Seeing Sydney via helicopter $135.00 2
"Dismal Swamp" - Tasmania's 360 foot sinkhole slide $25.00 2
Tour of Sydney Harbor and surrounding waterways via boat $40.00 2
Tahune Airwalk - a suspended walkway over Tasmania's rainforests $35.00 2
Bunjil's Shelter - an Aboriginal historical site near Melbourne- this can not be missed $25.00 2
Massages - we deserve it $100.00 2
Tickets to the latest at the Sydney Opera House $120.00 2
Admission to zoos to see kangas, koalas, penguins and crocs! $20.00 4
Museum trips learning about Melbourne's gold rush $20.00 2
Tickets to the latest at Her Majesty's theater in Melbourne $80.00 2
In depth, backstage, behind the scenes tour of the Sydney Opera House (breakfast included!) $140.00 2
West Coast Wilderness Railway 35 km ride through Tasmania's wilderness $85.00 4

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