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Napa Valley, CA
We look forward to your presence on our special day. Of course, all we ask is your presence. If you cannot attend, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. We do realize that many of you may wish to give us a wedding gift to commemorate our union together. Since we already have most of the traditional wedding gift items, we have decided to offer our guests a popular new wedding gift alternative - our honeymoon registry. This will allow you to help us create the honeymoon memories that will last us a lifetime.
Napa Valley
California's Napa Valley is one of the most famous wine-growing regions in the world. Close to its sister...
California has many diverse opportunities for honeymoons. From San Diego to LA, to San Francisco or Lake...
United States
A honeymoon in the United States will be a unique experience. Everybody takes something different away...
Registry Gifts
Photo Gift Item Value
(US $)
Our honeymoon suite in Napa Valley $200.00 8
Sushi Dinner at Go Fish $100.00 2
First rate french seafood dinner at Bouchon $100.00 2
Lunch at the Cakebread Cellers winery $50.00 2
Dinner at Cindy's Backstreet Dinner $90.00 2
Picnic lunch at the Robert Mondavi Winery $50.00 2
Amazing italian cuisine at the Bistro Don Giovanni $75.00 2
Lunch at the highly regarded restaurant The French Laundry $125.00 2
Lunch at the Buena Vista Winery $50.00 2
A bottle of fine wine to enjoy with dinner $45.00 5
Wine Tasting
Buena Vista Winery $100.00 2
Cakebread Cellers $100.00 2
Robert Mondavi Winery $100.00 2
Stags Leap Winery $100.00 2
Mumm Winery $100.00 2
Hot Air Ballooning $220.00 2
Old Faithful Geiser Picnic $50.00 2
Limo Tour of Wineries $100.00 4
Wine Train Tour $100.00 2
Spa Services
Couples Massage $280.00 1
Soothing Stones - 90 min $190.00 2
Grapeseed Body Polish $190.00 2
Aromatherapy Massage $140.00 2

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