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Dear Guests, we look forward to your presence on our special day. Of course, all we ask is your presence. If you cannot attend, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. We do realize that many of you may wish to give us a wedding gift to commemorate our union together. Since we already have most of the traditional wedding gift items, we have decided to offer our guests a popular new wedding gift alternative - our honeymoon registry. This will allow you to help us create the honeymoon memories that will last us a lifetime. Thank you!
Turkey is heir to many centuries of cultures and history as evidenced by the many ancient historical...
Registry Gifts
Photo Gift Item Value
(US $)
Travel and Transportation
Airfare to Turkey for our honeymoon adventure $125.00 20
Airfare from Istanbul to Kayseri (for trip to Cappadocia) $150.00 2
Airfare from Kayseri to Dalaman (for trip to the coastal region - Dalyan and the Gocek Islands) $150.00 2
Airfare from Dalaman back to Istanbul $150.00 2
Four nights at Hotel Empress Zoe in Istanbul - romantic room with a private terrace! $175.00 4
Two nights at the charming Sofa Hotel in Avanos - just north of Cappadocia $115.00 2
Two Nights at the Happy Caretta Hotel in Dalyan $100.00 2
Two nights at the Dersaadet Hotel in Istanbul $145.00 2
Wining and Dining
Breakfast on our private terrace the first morning of our honeymoon at Hotel Empress Zoe (Istanbul) $35.00 1
Outdoor patio lunch for two at Konuk Evi near Aya Sofya (Istanbul) $40.00 1
Lunch for two at Cafe Rumist (Istanbul) $40.00 1
Excellent Turkish cuisine at Amedros Cafe & Restaurant in the heart of the city (Istanbul) $55.00 1
Dinner for two at Abracadabra Restaurant overlooking the Bosporus (Istanbul) $75.00 1
Dinner for two with a panoramic view of the city at Imbat Restaurant (Istanbul) $60.00 1
Drinks at the Red River Pub (Istanbul) $40.00 1
Live Music and Drinks at the Babylon (Istanbul) $50.00 1
Traditional Turkish cuisine at Cafe Safak (Goreme, Cappadocia) $35.00 1
An amazing outdoor dinner at Nazar Borek (Goreme, Cappadocia) $40.00 1
Romantic dinner with homemade wine in an amazing 475 year old building at Dibek (Goreme, Cappadocia) $75.00 1
Exceptional Turkish cuisine at the Gecit Restaurant (Dalyan) $40.00 1
Romantic dinner for two at Ramazan Han (Dalyan) $60.00 1
Amazing Turkish cuisine at Begonvil Restaurant (Dalyan) $65.00 1
Riverboat day cruise on the Bosporus (Istanbul) $30.00 2
Lazy afternoon at the historic Turkish bath house, Cagaloglu Hamami (Istanbul) $100.00 2
Shopping spree at the world’s largest open market - the Kapalı Carsı / Grand Bazaar (Istanbul) $25.00 10
Mountain biking day tour of the spectacular rock formations of Göreme National Park (Cappadocia) $75.00 2
Hot air balloon ride to see this amazing region from above (Cappadocia) $225.00 2
Hike with private guide to explore the exceptional natural wonders (Cappadocia) $45.00 2
Boat and bus fares for visiting ruins along Lycian Coast (near Dalyan) $25.00 2
Sea Kayaking around Gocek Islands (near Dalyan) $90.00 2
Blue Cruise along the picturesque Turquoise Riviera (near Dalyan) $150.00 2
Boat trip to the Lycian rock tombs, the ancient city of Caunos and Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan) $45.00 2
Our first scuba diving adventure in the Mediterranean Sea! (Daylan) $70.00 2
Souvenirs to remember our honeymoon with - such as spices to cook Turkish culinary delights at home $15.00 10

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