No Passport? How about St. Thomas?

by Sandi Moore last updated on 11/05/2008 Disclaimer

St. Peter Great House entrance

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St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, is a beautiful Caribbean Island that requires no passport to visit! That in itself is enough to draw tourists who have not yet obtained their passports. However, St. Thomas is much more!

St. Thomas, a US Territory, is just a short flight from Miami, but is a million miles away! St. Thomas residents are US Citizens but are not able to vote. But election fever must affect even St. Thomas since I saw many “Vote Obama” and “Vote Clinton” placards in many yards.

My husband and I, along with our friends, had the opportunity to spend a day, not nearly long enough, in Charlotte Amalie, the capitol of St. Thomas. Of course, the shopping is abundant, from the usual T-shirts, and shell leis, to some of the most beautiful diamonds and tanzanite jewelry. The shops are in fierce competition with each other, so if there is a particular piece of jewelry you cannot live without, don’t be afraid to haggle. My friend found a beautiful tanzanite, opal & diamond pendant for $1000.00. She told the shopkeeper that she had only $500 to spend……..They haggled for over an hour, but she got her pendant for $500!!

There is plenty to do besides shopping which will please many husbands, I am sure. The Skyride to Paradise point is one that comes to mind. Gondolas, similar to ski slope gondolas, transport passengers 700 ft above the city. The views of the harbor are breathtakingly turquoise, and the Baileys Bushwackers, a rum & Kahlua drink, are plentiful. A lovely gazebo is available for weddings! Limin’ is a local term for hanging out and having fun and Paradise Point is the perfect place for it!!

Getting married in St. Thomas is quite easy with most of the paper work completed before arriving on the island. And since your guest will not be required to have a passport, this could be the answer to your Caribbean Island Destination Wedding dreams.
Another beautiful wedding venue is the St. Peter Great House & Botanical Gardens. In the 1880’s the location was part of the 150 Plantation St. Peter, whose owners claimed the property had also been used by pirates to bury their treasure. Today, the Great House boasts classic West Indian architecture with lush Botanical Gardens and a Nature Trail, streaming waterfalls, tropical bird aviaries, fish ponds, more than 20 varieties of orchids and other flowers and plants. The Wedding Gazebo overlooks the beautiful Megan’s Bay.

If St. Thomas sounds like the perfect venue for your Destination Wedding, family vacation or a beautiful honeymoon, please give me a call. I would love to share my thoughts on St. Thomas with you.

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