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Moon Palace Resort and Spa

by Jennifer Lauer last updated on 11/05/2008 Disclaimer

I was able to stay at the Moon Palace Resort and spa in August 2008. I was amazed at the size and what it had to offer!

Moon Palace is in the beginning stages of becoming one of the "World's largest resorts". There are three sections to the resort. The original section (Nizuc Section), the Sunrise Section (a few years old), and the newest section (Moon Grand). Each section sits side by side and you have full use of all three.

This resort offers so much. It has 13 restaurants, a coffee shop, a casino, entertainment day or evening throughout the resort, a putt putt golf course, tons of different pools to go to and lots of beach activities for children and adults, bicycles for riding throughout the resort, tennis courts, spa, fitness center, shops, and a great kid's club. This resort offers lots of water sports on the beach. They also have protected turtle eggs that are hatched there on the beach in front of the Moon Grand Section.

The restaurants: No reservations needed, except for just a couple. The only restaurant that had a line was the Japanese steakhouse (but only if you arrive after 7pm). The food quality is superb at all of the restaurants and met or exceeded my expectations.

A great value that this resort offers is their "Palace Passport" which gives you several free Mayan ruin tours and free entrance into Wet N' Wild Waterpark (including all food and drinks in the park). They also provide free bus service to and from a Cancun Mall (specific one each day), Wet N' Wild Waterpark, the Cancun Palace, Beach Palace and Sun Palace (adults only) located in Cancun. They do not provide this service into the Riviera Maya.

The beach area goes for miles without another resort intruding. It does collect a lot of seaweed during the day. The resort has a tractor that goes up and down the beach a couple times a day to chop up the seaweed into small pieces so it is not so bad. The water was very easy to get in and out of without too much seaweed in the way and is very swimmable and good for kayaks, canoes and jet ski's. It didn't bother me as much as what I expected, however if you are a huge water person, you may have a different feeling about it. I was still able to do any water sport I wanted to without problems.

To sum up this resort: Fantastic. I would highly recommend this resort as a fantastic value, great quality and selection of foods with great customer service.

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