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Lucille Pucciarelli
Lucille Pucciarelli

Tallinn, Estonia on a Baltic Cruise

by Lucille Pucciarelli last updated on 10/30/2009 Disclaimer

Tallinn (pronounced Tahl-inn, according to the locals), is divided into the upper town, which is modern and new, and the lower town, which dates back to the Middle Ages and Teutonic knights. We visited the old town, which can only be described as charming. It is original, and very navigable, however, the cobblestones are uneven and present some challenges for people like me. I did fine with leki, and noticed many others with trekking poles also. The Estonians are educated with 4-7 languages. It was amazing to see our guide speak to us in English and then French to our guests from France, Spanish to the Mexicans, and Italian to the Italians. She was 18 years old, going to attend University next year, and very smart. She knew the full history of Estonia and other surrounding countries, not to mention world politics. She lives on her own and already has traveled extensively - on her own peso! We explored the old town for about 3 1/2 hours and then went back to the ship. The ship sailed shortly after we finished our tour so we only had a short time to explore Tallinn. Tallinn is a town of many crafters who make beautiful lace, knit sweaters from wool, linen and other fabrics and they also are famous for their glass blowing techniques. Every store has everything done in cat motifs. However, you don't see many cats, but loads of dogs (I got my dog fix that day). I took tons of photos and during one of the stops I enjoyed a coffee in the cafe housed in the town hall (very historic, with brick archways, etc). Tony had what he described as a delicious cheese pastry. It was lovely to walk about and hear music from all of the Churches, since it was a Sunday. The walk from the ship to the area where the shuttle buses/tour buses are is a bit lengthy, and the walk into town is about 1/2 hour. The ship does offer shuttle buses which run every 15 minutes. Tallinn seemed to be a big hit with everyone I spoke with so far.

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