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Dreams Puerto Vallarta

by Ron Trimper last updated on 06/17/2010 Disclaimer

My little beach shack I stayed at when I was in Bonaire.

Dreams resort in Puerto Vallarta is a terrific resort for a honeymoon!

Let me share some details about my last visit to Dreams Puerto Vallarta with you. Shortly after we arrived at our room, there was a knock on the door. We opened it to a smiling waiter with a complimentary fruit tray. We thanked him, closed the door and within 5 minutes another one came with a complimentary bottle of Tequila. We still don't quite know why.

The resort has a great security system. No bracelets are required. Everyone who comes into the resort is signed in. If you leave the resort shopping etc., the staff documents when you leave and return.

There are five restaurants, all top-notch, no reservations required. My favorite was the Oceanic. You must try the Spanish coffee. OMG! It was great! The World Cafe has super food, something for everyone. The food really is fantastic, especially for an all-inclusive. Others have said that they would pay high prices for the meals at Dreams. I would believe that. But don't be in a hurry for your meals at the a la carte restaurants. Remember - the Mexican minute can last a very long time.

The various "theme" nights were, in fact, disappointing. This is one place that Dreams falls short of the mark. The entertainment crew was great, but the evening entertainment was not. I saw many people doing water aerobics, scuba lessons, salsa dance lessons and other organized activities.

In my opinion, the service is one of the things that make this the best place in Puerto Vallarta to stay. From the front end to the cleaning crew to the entertainment troupe to the maintenance crew to the restaurant staff, etc, etc. These people really know how to make you feel special. And tipping had very little to do with it. One example was when I was walking to an elevator and there was a lady washing the floor there. She stopped what she was doing, smiled at me and walked to the elevator to press the button. Just like that. I was so surprised and impressed. I wish I would have gotten her name as she really deserves recognition.

The other big draw is the beach. There is no doubt that this is the best beach in all of Puerto Vallarta. I bet that when the waves are gentle it would be an awesome place to swim. But, personally, I enjoyed the majesty of the huge waves. They take your breath away.

The staff was constantly improving something . . . whether it was sweeping the poolside, raking the beach, pruning the beautiful plants or cleaning the rooms.

The Top 5 things about Dreams Puerto Vallarta:
1. More choices of Brand name beverages than any other all-inclusive
2. Friendliest service from all levels of staff
3. Arguably the best food for an all-inclusive in all of Mexico
4. Greatest, best-maintained, "private" beach in Puerto Vallarta
5. Daily letter under the door with the info about the day's activities, when, where, etc.

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