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by Cynthia Amin last updated on 10/05/2010 Disclaimer

Beautiful beaches

Jamaican honeymoon packages are very popular for many reasons. Jamaica is a large and diverse island located in the Western Caribbean with tropical temperatures year round. Jamaica is the 3rd largest island in the Caribbean, but we consider it the largest. English is the official language of the island, so no worries with the communication problems. The island's official currency is the Jamaican dollar, but the US dollar is widely accepted. The international airport in Montego Bay is easier to get to and less expensive relative to the other Caribbean islands. When you ask travelers that honeymoon in Jamaica what they love the most, you'll get many answers. Jerk chicken, reggae, rum, the sun, the beach are common answers, but the one you hear the most is the people. Jamaica argues they have the friendliest people on earth, and we agree.

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