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Punta Cana

by Hannah Lohmer last updated on 05/30/2008 Disclaimer

Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is a beach lovers paradise. You will find miles and miles of white sand with coco palms everywhere providing both sun and shade to suit your needs. There is always a breeze blowing to keep you from getting too warm, but on occasion the breeze can be more like a gale force wind that might make it challenging for a beachfront wedding – little tough lighting the unity candle!

The waters are the beautiful Caribbean blue, and there are snorkeling and diving at your disposal. There are some golf courses and a number of sightseeing opportunities to keep you busy if you so desire.

The majority of properties are all inclusive and range from the very economical to the very deluxe. A number of properties, such as Barcelo, Riu, Iberostar and Occidental, have a complex where if you stay at one you have access to the amenities and restaurants at the sister properties, providing you with a larger variety of dining experiences. There will always be a buffet restaurant and then several specialty restaurants that sometimes require advance reservations depending on the particular resort. Most properties require the men to wear long pants and closed toe shoes at the specialty restaurants. The main difference between a so called “budget” property and a “deluxe” property will be in the amenities and quality and diversity of the food. Larger rooms with nicer furnishings come with the higher prices along with more dining choices. No matter where you choose to stay you will be able to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings that abound everywhere in Punta Cana.

Just like in Mexico, you cannot drink water from the tap, but bottled water is provided, and all the properties use purified water to prepare the food so no need to worry about dining there. Unlike Mexico, there are very few people trying to sell you things on the beach, but there are several market places set up on the beach where you can do your negotiating for that favorite souvenir. This is the perfect place to kick back and relax or be as active as you want.

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