A Boutique Beauty!

by Wendi Montoya last updated on 03/13/2013 Disclaimer
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Enjoying the sunset at the beautiful El Dorado Maroma. Beach beds are wonderful.

The El Dorado Maroma is wonderful for many different reasons. To start its a short 20-25 minutes from the airport. Airport transfers are done in house by their own Lomas Travel. For an upgraded service I would suggest the private transfers. When you arrive to the El Dorado Maroma you are greeted by some of the most caring staff around. This resort holds a special place in my heart for the great beach and incredible staff. The Maroma Adventures is close by in walking distance on the beach. Be sure to take advantage of the wonderful tours they offer. Other great services offered are the Sky Massage and Private Beachfront dining. They offer many different room categories to fit what you consider the perfect vacation!

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