Azul Beach A-Mazing!

by Wendi Montoya last updated on 12/05/2013 Disclaimer
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Azul Beach

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The Azul Beach property is in one word- BOUTIQUE!

If you are wanting to get away with your family and have a wonderful vacation this is probably it! It is a very lush and tropical feel. Don't go there and stay in the lead in rooms. Check out the swim up suites. You will be glad you did. These resorts prides itself on taking upgraded rooms to the next level!

With many restaurants to choose from it is one of my favorites. The spa even includes an area for kids spa treatments. The scent when you walk in to the spa is incredible. I even bought some of the spray and use it around my own home!

I love the huts along the beach. This is a fabulous destination wedding location. You have the beach or the sky wedding option.

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