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Vienna, Austria's capital

by Jennefer Blinstrub last updated on 07/25/2008 Disclaimer

Vienna is one of Europe’s easiest cities to explore, with a compact city center that is surrounded by the Ringstrasse (ring road), and like Paris it has boroughs or districts that circle out from there.

In the city center proper you’ll find such treasures as St. Stephens Cathedral, it’s one of the city’s landmarks and one of Europe’s supreme examples of Gothic building from the 14th century. Entering through the Giant’s Doorway you could spend hours inside seeing the tombs and sarcophagus’ of kings and emperors as well as towers, monuments, chapels and altars all dating from different times and added as each leader or king deemed important. I’ve found that one of the best views of the interior is from beneath the organ loft and if you can visit on a sunny day the stained glass is phenomenal.

Vienna is known for its music and no visit to Vienna would be complete without a visit to the Opera House. Opened in the 1860 the main entrance opens onto the Ringstrasse and is decorated with beautiful frescos of life at the opera. And along the musical theme there is Vienna Boy’s Choir or the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and Vienna’s favorite composers Strauss and Mozart.

Vienna is home to many coffee houses and cafés that could put Starbucks to shame. A great place to try some Viennese coffee is at the Sacher Hotel where you can try the renowned Sachertorte invented in 1832 and still made and served the same today as well as shipped worldwide.

Just outside Vienna you’ll find Schönbrunn Palace and its beautiful park. Schönbrunn was intended to outshine Versailles and it comes close so you’ll want to spend at least a half day there exploring the palace and grounds.

This is just a taste of what is offered in and around Vienna, you can see it on your own or maybe as part of an escorted tour. Either way you decide to travel, if you’re thinking of exploring Austria and Vienna contact Jennefer, the Europe Expert at

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