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Queen Mary 2 Honeymoon

by Debra Rubio last updated on 07/25/2008 Disclaimer

Transatlantic Crossing - This is the perfect honeymoon. I should know it was my choice for my own honeymoon. Your honeymoon onboard the magnificent Queen Mary 2 will leave you with memories for a lifetime full of romance on the high seas. The journey will most likely be more magnificent than the destination. Discover the all-inclusive pleasures of cruising onboard this one of a kind ocean liner reminiscent of the grand days of cruising. Board the ship in New York or Southampton (south of London) and spend the next six days enjoying this floating resort. I prefer boarding in London because you get to turn back the clock an hour each night and you overcome the jetlag by the time you get back to the states. It is also a great opportunity to add a few days either in London or New York to see some Broadway shows. If your budget allows I definitely recommend a cabin that allows you to eat in the Princess or Queens Grills. This intimate dining experience has been described by Fieldings and Berlitz "as the premier dining experience in cruising, where caviar and lobster are staples and there's more champagne consumed than aboard any other ship at sea".

Your cruise offers everything and more than any land resort. During your voyage you can enjoy candlelit dinners, champagne on your private balcony, dancing the night away, relaxing by the pool, being pampered in the Canyon Ranch Spa, exceptional dining, and spectacular entertainment.
Enjoy watching the shore as it fades away and nothing is more spectacular than seeing the Statue of Liberty as you approach or depart New York. Hear the hull being splashed by gentle beating waves. It is almost like you and your partner are the only ones in the sea. Your intimate space is now surrounded by endless horizons. A new kind of travel in which nature’s heartbeat is mimicked by the waves rhythm. I like the transatlantic crossing because there are no ports so you have the entire cruise to relax and spend time together. You can sleep late because there is no need to rush for a shore excursion.

Cunard was launched in 1840 in what was known as The Golden Age of Ocean Travel. At that time simply crossing the ocean was a grand event full of privilege and sophistication. It was a more civilized world in which it was natural to choose Cunard for such a voyage. The splendor of art deco and the excesses of the Edwardian era were the hallmark of these floating palaces. Guests were surrounded with every elegance and comfort available at the time. The greatest personalities of the day, from world leaders to movie stars, chose Cunard ocean liners for their voyages and enjoyed the black-tie affairs sipping champagne. In their finest apparel they enjoyed a graceful stroll along the famous promenades. It was the quintessence of luxury travel, and getting there was truly half the fun. Experience this once in a lifetime trip. You won't regret it.

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