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  • St John

St John

by Howard Lewis last updated on 07/25/2008 Disclaimer

In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. It's part of the U.S. Virgins so no passport is required. It's the smallest of the group and the most intimate. 75% of the island is state park so there are only a few resorts on the island. My favorite is Caneel Bay. Originally designed by Rockefeller it was intended to remove you from all distractions. Service is impeccable and the rooms are designed with native stone, hand crafted furniture and beautiful fabrics.

On the island you will find the most beautiful beaches. One of them, Trunk Bay, has an underwater snorkeling trail. Palm trees dot the crescent beach to give you breaks from the sun.

Most of the tourists visit the other islands and only experience day trips to St John. Come evening, most are gone and you remain as one of the truly lucky guests left behind.

A true honeymoon paradise.

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